Windows 7 Device Stage images for Vodafone


Toward the end of 2010 as part of my ongoing work with Sprung Studios I was asked to create photorealistic vector images of new devices to be used when setting the device up on Windows 7.

Vodafone 360 Wallpapers

Vodafone Wallpaper

In the summer of 2010 I completed a project for Vodafone with Sprung Studios to create a set of wallpapers to be used on a number of mobile devices.

Orange Iconography

Orange Iconography

With the development of a new icon style, Sprung Studios were brought on board by Orange to help design and produce a range of new icons for a variety of different services and products. Above is a small selection of the over 80 icons which we have produced over the last year. For each icon we are required to present a number of metaphor ideas in silhouette to project managers and stakeholders for a final decision.

Map Tracking Iconography

Map Track Iconography

I was recently asked to create a set of small icons to be used within an unnamed map tracking software. The software will track the position of logistics vehicles and the iconography needed to be user friendly and successfully communicate the function.


Karate 4 Kidz Logo

Karate 4 Kidz, a karate tutoring company based in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire required a new logo for their website, promotional material and also to be stitched on their gi. The classes are aimed at 4 - 10 year olds and the logo needed to represent and appeal to that age group.

Tendance Sante

Tendance Sante

Tendance Sante are a French company that specialise in health and well-being. They approached us at Sprung Studios to come up with an iPad web-app which would utilise the content, look and feel of their existing website.

Orange Weather Widget

Orange Weather Widget

As part of my on-going work with Sprung Studios I am regularly involved in design work for the mobile phone network Orange. I have been involved in various projects including web apps, widgets and designs for splash screens.

MKT Computers

MKT Computers

MKT-Computers, the sponsor for Brentford FC contacted me to help with the design and layout of a stylish page which they can re-use for a variety of promotional material.

Cladwinds Solar Energy

Cladwind Solar Energy Logo

Cladwinds are a double glazing company based in Bedfordshire. I was approached to design a new logo for their solar energy project. The logo needed to reflect the current Cladwinds brand as well as communicate a clean energy message.

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Photoshop, Flash, In Design, After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver


Basic knowledge of WordPress and PHP



Microsoft Office


2009 - PRESENT

Sprung Studios Graphic Designer

2005 - Present

Freelance web designer (HTML/CSS & Flash)


Storyboard artist CBBC (Ooglies)


CSI - Drawing office junior


In my current graphic design role my duties are not limited to design. I have been involved in styleguides, animations, WordPress, illustration and also presenting design to stakeholders and project managers.

Some of the more well known clients I have produced work for are Orange, Vodafone and CBBC.

My interests include reading and writing, examples of my short stories can be found in the writing section of my website.

I am an active member of the BANG (Brighton Animators Networking Group) website. I publish a blog on the site as well as being involved with the organisation and promoting of BANG events.

I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest web trends and have my own blog and facebook and twitter accounts, which I regularly update.


I produce quality and affordable websites in a short time period. I work alongside you to produce a design which suits all of your needs and expectations. A fully working and editable website will be delivered within an agreed time period and price

For information or to request web design work contact me at:


Shinri Karate

As a result of the successful logo design for the Karate 4 Kidz logo [found here] I have been asked to produce a smart sophisticated site for the adult karate group, Shinri Karate. Site to be completed Feb 2011.



As part of my work wiith Sprung Studios I was asked to come up with a design for a new Brighton based t-shirt design company. My design was used and can be seen displaying a variety of unique and stylish tees.

targa partnership

Targa Partnership

Based on an existing design and skeleton template I was asked to create and populate the remaining site.

beautique brighton

Beautique Brighton

Brighton based beauticians Beautique Brighton asked me to produce a website which conveys their sleek and clean style using the bold colours which exist in their current promotional material. I was responsible for the entire site from design to build.


Lodsworth Garage

This small flash website was designed and built by me for a Jaguar specialist garage located in the south of England. It's a simple site and provides customers with all the details they need to know in a sophisticated and accessible way.

heavanly treatments

Heavenly Treatments

Business woman Nikki Garman asked me to help design and build a small website for her massage and therapy business.

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During the early months of 2009 I was employed by Sprung Studios to work on the hit CBBC series "Ooglies". I was provided with the scripts written by a team of production and comedy professionals and required to turn their words into 20 - 40 second animatics. We used Adobe Flash to produce quick and effective moving storyboards for the animators to use as a template for the stop motion animations. I worked on a number of characters including Stunt Tomato, Racey Bacon, Laser Mouse, Humphrey and others.

e4 E-Sting

My submission for the annual e4 E-Stings competition. The films are limited to a 10 second time limit with the logo central to the ident.

Sprung Christmas 2009

For Christmas 2009 the team at Sprung Studios created an animated e-card for clients and friends.

Director: Jim Chaytor

Illustration: Olly Thomas

Animation: Patrick Green

Brighton, a Liberal City

This was the film produced for my final project at university. I had been living in Brighton for a number of years and wanted to convey the diverse culture that exists within the city.

His Gigantic Grin

This was another film produced in my final year at university, it was based on a short story written by a friend of mine, David Cooper. The story is set in fantastical world in which the main character is far from interested.

Showreel 2008

This showreel was produced towards the end of 2008 and highlights the work I had produced up until that point. Most of the films featured can be found on this website.

Monstra Film Festival

This video features two short animations which were submitted to the Portuguese film festival Monstra. The requirements were to make short idents to promote the festival and the winning films were played during breaks in the scheduled films.

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Everyone is Still

"£5 and I'll make you dinner – call me" his phone number was left on tabs at the bottom. He'd heard it was good to tear the first one off yourself, to fake interest. Two spaces were missing from his advert.

The Beautiful Walk

It hit him one day. He went to grab the door handle but couldn't control the muscles in his wrist which would enable him to open it. He was stiff with fear and couldn't leave. He'd been there since.

The Maisonette

6 months past in the new abode and the native, subordinate local people had yet to shed their welcoming exterior and reveal the nasty, gooey, robbing viscera. All was quaint.


He wearily clambered on top of his obedient, large cat, who putting all the work in sped off down the long, dry, dusty road. A trail of dust clouds being left in their wake.

Old Man Merv

Banging his head, swearing and rubbing the sore spot as was his usual routine when standing up the old man wobbled, for the final time, over to the door.

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